Universal/EdChoice Scholarship Program

How to Submit Paperwork to Claim the Scholarship

The benefits available to our All Saints families from participation in the Ohio Department of Education’s Universal Choice Scholarship Program became evident over the summer as we worked with families to complete the required paperwork.

If you have not yet done the paperwork, we are posting this information.

We asked that all families have their information submitted by the end of August because of the lead time needed by the State of Ohio to review and approve. So far, we have most of the documents submitted, although glitches with the State of Ohio program have caused delays for a few families. We are working with our State-designated consultant to resolve these issues.

For those who have not submitted the required information, we set out the steps below.

Be Aware: The State deadline for filing is October 13, 2023 and after that, families only may receive a portion of the scholarship.

To meet this deadline, all families who want to participate in this program must have their information into the email below no later than October 2, 2023 to allow time for review, correction of any errors and filing with the State of Ohio by the school.

After review of documentation needed, use our secure online form to provide us with the three documents required to move your application forward.

General question or comment? Please use our Universal Choice Inquiry Form for a direct link to our staff.

Steps to Fill Out and Submit Paperwork for the
Universal/Ed Choice Scholarship Program

Please read through our Steps 1- 4, and link or download to the appropriate information needed. When complete, use the form at the bottom, or right side, of this page, to submit the documentation to All Saints School. Thank you in advance.


Do you have an OhioID?

If you do not have an OhioID, you need to look it up. To access this system, go to:


See the document called “Income Verification Portal Quick Guide” on this website; it explains the process.

We also have created a video that walks you through the process.

Complete the Ohio Department of Education Profile Set Up

After you have an OhioID, complete the Ohio Department of Education Profile Set Up. Process explained:

Income Verification Portal Quick Guide (PDF guide)

EdChoice Income Verification Helpful Tips

Also on this website is an information sheet on the EdChoice Expansion Income Eligibility Requirements for 2023-2024. It may assist you in this process. We have included numerous other documents from the State website to assist you.

Complete the EdChoice Scholarship Program Request Form

After you have successfully completed the Income Verification Form, Complete the EdCHoice Scholarship Program Request Form.

Online: This form can be found online at the Department of Education Website (be sure to choose the 2023-2024 school year form), or

Download/Print: EdChoice Scholarship Program Request Form 2023-2024

Form Specifics:

A. At the top, of the form, choose EdChoice Expansion Scholarship unless you live in Euclid, Richmond Heights or another State-designated “failed school” district, and your child is going into grades K-6 this year, the traditional EdChoice Scholarship is likely to be the preferred option for you.

B. Read this CHECKLIST to start. We have included the document “Checklist” because the State is very precise in requiring information be submitted in its format (e.g., name is to match name on birth certificate exactly). The checklist will assist you in making sure your documents are correct.

C. Here is an additional fact sheet that may assist you. This may answer some of your questions regarding eligibility.

Three Documents Needed for Application

Three documents are to be scanned and uploaded so that the School can upload them per requirements of the State:

1. The EdChoice Scholarship Program Request Form 2023-2024 (see step #3 above), fully filled out and signed

2. Your child’s birth certificate

3. Proof ore residency: this is usually a utility bill, but it must show both the service address and the billing address. For example, on the electric bill, you must show both the top of the bill and the portion you normally take off to pay the bill by check.

Please note:

If parents have divorced, or a parent has died, additional documents are needed. Usually this is the portion to the divorce decree that states who is the residential or custodial parent. If there are legal guardians, the paperwork establishing the guardianship is needed.


Provide these 3 documents (PDF or JPG) through our secure online form HERE.

After the documents are received via our form, the Universal Choice Team will review your documents and let you know if there are any corrections.

If there are no issues, the documents will be uploaded to the State of Ohio website for review by the State.

Due to the large volume of applicants and paperwork, please do not call the school or the business office with questions –use our contact form for any EdCHoice Scholarship questions. We will respond usually within 2 business days – sometimes longer depending on other factors.

This is a new program for all of us – including the State. We know the State system has numerous glitches, making all of this much harder and more time consuming. We appreciate your patience.

After review of documentation needed, use our secure online form to provide us with the three documents required to move your application forward.

General question or comment? Please use our Universal Choice Inquiry Form for a direct link to our staff.