The Costs of Education

Education is the passport to the future and this past year each of our students travelled unique roads to learn many new concepts and ideas. We introduced Spanish, provided a computer device for each student, upgraded our interactive boards, and advanced our STREAM programs.  We use core values of Faith and Family to build Future Leaders for our community and beyond. All Saints provides a supportive and nurturing Christ-centered environment.  Working with parents, our teachers prepare students to succeed!  We thank all families for the sacrifices they make to pay for a private Catholic education in order to provide the best opportunities for our next generation of leaders.

The cost to educate a student today exceeds $7,500 per student.  All Saints is able to keep tuition below that amount by seeking funding from multiple sources and by financial aid such as scholarships, subsidies, and Diocesan support.  Parents and students volunteer their time and help with fundraising, both of which help to lower costs.

As you plan for your student’s education, please consider the following options and requirements.

Registration Fees

All registrations must be completed no later than March 31, 2023. A completed registration means that the registration form has been completed and that the registration fee has been paid.

Registration fees are not refundable.

Registrations received as of March 31, 2023 will be used to determine class size and availability. All Saints will hold spaces for a student only after registration paperwork is completed and the registration fee is paid. If there is no open position after registration is completed, a student will be placed on a wait list.

Registration fees are as follows:

  • $200 for the Pre-3 and Pre-4
  • $250 for the Pre-5 students
  • $250 for K-8 students


A few subsidies are available to families, some from their parish and others from the Diocese or other sources. The subsidies may be per student subsidies or subsidies for multiple children in the school. Support by the parishes, including St. John Vianney parish, is an important part of the revenues for the school. To continue support of parishioner families, it is expected that the families participate in the activities at the parish and the school and share their talents, time, resources, wisdom, connections, and other gifts.


Scholarships may be available for your child. The All Saints School Endowment offers scholarships for those meeting the eligibility requirements; applications for these scholarships are accepted as indicated on the Scholarships page. The Diocese of Cleveland also offers some Scholarships. Please check their website for additional information.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance/Tuition Assistance is available from other sources, including the Diocese and certain grant organizations to which the school applies for assistance. Some entities that provide assistance have requirements such as completion of a financial need form or that the parents/legal guardians pay at least some of the tuition. If we don’t have this information, neither we nor the funding organization can disburse the funds. Please complete the financial/tuition assistance forms so that we can help you find additional financial support for tuition.

You can apply online. The information on the application will remain confidential. FACTS only analyzes financial data; FACTS is not the provider of financial aid.

Other Fees:
Throughout the year, the school has various activities that may charge a fee for participation, such as a field trip or blub activity. There also are other fees such as a class activity fee and computer fee (each student has his/her own device). The school does a significant amount of fundraising and will seek your assistance and support for these fund and supportive activities.

Payment Schedule:
All tuition payments (not registration fees) are to be made in FACTS, an online system. If your family is new to school, a FACTS invite is sent via email to set up a FACTS account. Families enroll in the system and are responsible for any FACTS enrollment fee (this year, the fees set by FACTS are $20 for 1-2 payments: $50 for 3+payments). In general, the minimum amount expected is a monthly payment equal to the total tuition due divided by 10; no tuition payment is expected in February 2022 when the registration fee for the following school year is due. The FACTS program offers a few options for tuition payment so the family can choose the option that best fits their budget. Families are responsible for all bank and credit card transaction fees.

All tuition payments owed under this Agreement are to be paid by the due date corresponding to the payment method selected on FACTS. Regardless of what payment option is selected, you are personally responsible for all payments and for ensuring that the tuition and fees are paid in full and on time. Should you be late in making any tuition payment, you will be notified of the delinquency. Failure to correct the delinquency within 5 business days of notification will result in a $50 late charge. There is a $50 charge for each delinquent payment.

You are required to keep a valid form of payment on FACTS at all times. For example, if a credit card expires or you move a bank account, you are required to update the information within 5 business days of the notification. Failure to keep a valid form of payment and any resulting failure of payment of tuition will result in a $50 charge per transaction (in other words, $50 each time the transaction is attempted but it fails due to lack of a current form of payment).

Other Payment-Related Charges:
A fee will be assessed for any check, credit card or ACH transaction for payment that is returned for any reason. The fee will be the greater of $30 or the amount charged by the bank to the school.

If two checks are returned for insufficient funds, the School will no longer accept personal checks and you will be required to pay in cash or with a certified check from a local bank or through an approved electronic payment provider at the School’s discretion. You are responsible for payment of any costs incurred by reason of return of a check for insufficient funds.

Any family with an unpaid Tuition and/or Fees balance for the current school year will not be allowed to register for the following school year; and, in the sole discretion of the School, school records, diplomas, or transcripts may not be released until the current year’s Tuition and Fees are paid, unless special arrangements have been made in writing and signed by the Pastor of St. John Vianney.

Refund of Tuition:
Prepaid Tuition will be refunded in full only if written notice of withdrawal from the School is received by the School before the first day that classes for the School year are scheduled to start. All refunds are charged a $75 processing fee.

Once the School year begins, Tuition refunds are made on a quarterly basis. Should a student attend School during any portion of a quarter (one day or more), the full tuition amount for that quarter is owed and no portion of that quarter’s tuition will be refunded. All refunds are charged a $75 processing fee.

Non-Discrimination Statement:

All Saints School of St. John Vianney admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at schools in the Diocese of Cleveland. ​We will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in the administration of our educational and athletic or other school-administered programs.