2024-2025 Registration and Tuition Information

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Please allow us to introduce you to our Student Outreach, Admission, and Retention (SOAR) Coordinator, Dawn Shopp. Dawn will be your primary contact for questions regarding registration, financial aid and scholarships. The principal, Katy Rankin, and others also are available to answer questions.

CLICK HERE to contact Dawn Shopp.

New and Current Students:

If you are new to the school – Welcome!  Please review this information, but do not complete it until you work with Dawn Shopp as there are other requirements (including determining availability of space) before we can accept new students, especially if you are transferring students from other schools in Grades 1-8.

For current parents of students – Thank you for your continued support of All Saints. Below is the information you need regarding registration and tuition for the 2024-2025 school year for Grade K through 8 (pre-school and pre-kindergarten information is on a separate webpage or information sheet). The process outlined below is intended to assist you in identifying sources of funds to assist you in meeting the tuition for the school as well as your commitment to supporting your child’s education. This past year, we have several families who paid little or nothing for tuition because they applied for assistance and scholarships.

Step 1 – Apply for/Confirm EdChoice/Universal Choice Funding

EdChoice/Universal Choice Funds – If you have not already done so, you should apply for an EdChoice Scholarship from the State of Ohio. These State scholarships may provide up to $6,166 in tuition funding for the 2024-2025 school year.

  • If you already have been accepted into the program, we are told you will need to renew your application to confirm your participation. We will send you information when it has been provided to us although you should feel free to look at the site yourself.  It also may be that the State will write you directly now that you are a participant. Please watch for emails from the State of Ohio on this program.
  • The State has a new sliding scale of income so be sure to check for a new amount. The current sliding scale (subject to change by the State) can be found HERE.

If you are new to the program, please contact Dawn Shopp who can assist you in applying.

Step 2 – Tuition and Fee Agreement

The 2024-2025 Tuition and Fee Agreement for Kindergarten through Grade 8 can be downloaded here: Tuition and Fee Agreement

Please note: as recited in the agreement, registration is not completed until you (a) have returned this completed and signed Tuition and Fee Agreement, (b) paid the registration fee, (c) selected a payment option in FACTS, (d) listed a valid payment source, and (e) registered in Gradelink.

Step 3 – Return Tuition and Fee Agreement and Pay Registration Fee

Please return your signed Tuition and Fee Agreement to the School.

You may pay the registration fee by check made payable to All Saints School, with a notation for student name and registration.

Sorry, we will not be accepting cash.

Step 4 – Acceptance by the School

The school will let you know, in writing, when you students are accepted. The acceptance will be sent via electronic communication to the email you have listed in Gradelink.

Step 5 – Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships as soon as possible

Our families have benefited from many scholarships and financial assistance. Listed below are some of these sources, each of which has its own set of qualifications.  We encourage you to apply even if you have questions as to whether you might qualify.  We also encourage you to as soon as possible – and before any deadlines – to ensure your application will be considered.  Ask Dawn Shopp at the school for guidance if you have any questions.

  1. Diocese Tuition Assistance – The Diocese provides financial assistance to families who need help. This may include emergency assistance when families experience an unexpected issue such as the illness or job-loss by the parent.  You must apply for this aid by the deadline set by the Diocese to be considered.  We encourage everyone to apply for this assistance. PLEASE NOTE THE DEADLINES FOR APPLICATIONS that can be found on the Diocese website. We also post some of the information on this website.
  1. Fund-a-Dream – This is a special type of Diocesan financial assistance with requirements that must be met by the family. Essentially, funding for this scholarship is provided by donors and/or fund raising at the Alleluia Ball. Families apply for this scholarship and the Diocese works with the parishes and schools throughout the Diocese to determine who will be awarded these scholarships. PLEASE NOTE THE DEADLINES FOR APPLICATIONS that can be found on the Diocese website. The applications for this scholarship are to be sent to this email.
  1. Angel Scholarships – As you know, the State of Ohio now provides a tax credit for those who give towards Angel Scholarships. Over the past two years, we have been building this fund as people become more familiar with it.  We have asked parishioners, parents and others who take advantage of this program to designate All Saints to receive the funds. The applications for this scholarship are to be sent to this email.
  1. Financial Aid for Persons Employed by the Diocese – The Diocese provides financial assistance of up to $400 per child for those parents employed by the parish, the school or elsewhere in the Diocese (e.g., Lake Catholic, Catholic Community Foundation). You must apply for this aid to receive it.
  1. Grants/Donations Towards Tuition – The school has received grants and other donations to be applied towards scholarships. There is no application process for this (unless later set up by a donor), but we are required to meet the requirements of the grants/donations, which usually include a component of financial need. If you apply for any of the scholarships above, we will have the information needed.  If not, we may need to receive this information from you.
  1. Other Scholarships from the Diocese – From time to time other scholarships are offered through the Diocese. We encourage families to periodically check the Diocese and Catholic Community Foundation websites for opportunities.  We, too, will try to make you aware of these options.
  1. Parish Scholarships – parishes may offer parish scholarships to students from their parish. John Vianney plans to offer such a scholarship to the children of parishioners who meet certain criteria for the upcoming school year.  We will post applications from other parishes if we receive them, but you should check with your home parish.
  1. Endowment Scholarships – the All Saints Endowment offers scholarships and other financial aid from time to time. Separately, the Endowment may support special projects at the school. When to apply for these scholarships and the deadline for application will be set out on the website and included in the information sent home to parents each school week.
  1. Jon Peterson Funds – these funds are available for those children who need special services such as tutoring, speech therapy, or interventional specialist assistance. Please contact the school regarding funding as the rules for these funds change from year to year.

We ask that you provide us copies of any financial aid or scholarships for which you have applied so that we can assist you in following up with the respective funding organizations.  Please note that you must submit all financial aid and scholarship applications in accordance with the instructions of the granting organization – the school does not submit those applications.

Registration Deadlines

Registration by current families is due by FEBRUARY 15, 2024.

Thereafter, registration is open to everyone. If classes are full, students will be placed on a waitlist.

We recognize that the EdChoice Scholarships have resulted in additional paperwork and process to registration, and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience. With the hope of easing the burden this year, we have set out the steps for application.    


If a student wishes to register after that time and there is no room in the class, students will be placed on a waitlist.