Service Projects

Many years ago, we initiated a service hour program with our Jr. High students. Last year, due to the pandemic, the program was suspended. We are continuing this program with our children in Grades 6-8. Service hours are a part of the student’s Religion grade.

The required number of service hours by grade level is as follows:

  • Grade 8: 8 hours
  • Grade 7: 7 hours
  • Grade 6: 6 hours

You can begin service hours in the summer to be counted toward next school year.

After completing grades 6, 7 and 8 each student should have a minimum of 21 hours in this Mandatory Program.

Please note: Service hours cannot be completed all in one year – for example, if a child does 21 hours in Grade 6, the child must still do service hours in Grades 7 and 8. Students who go above and beyond the required hours by the end of 8th grade will receive special recognition.

When a student helps during school hours such as with taking the food out to St. John Vianney for food drives, that time cannot count because the student is in school. For the same reason, serving at Mass does not count because a student should be attending weekly Mass and serving is a privilege and a way of participating in the liturgy. Helping out with chores at home does not count as service hours. We encourage the students to help out in the community. Your parish festival is a great way to earn needed hours this summer.

Please wear a shirt from All Saints so people recognize that you are from our school.

Students need to complete and turn in the service hour form to the school office to receive credit. This form can be found at the top right of this page. Please don’t wait until May to complete the forms.

Who can sign the form? An immediate supervisor of the activity. For example, if working at the festival, the game booth or area captain can sign the forms.

Download and print this form as many times as necessary.