Scholarship Opportunities

Through the generosity of many who contribute, several scholarships have been established in an effort to help those in need of assistance with tuition.

Below is a list of current scholarship opportunities available. Interested candidates should click on the download button next to the scholarship they are interested in and download a printable .pdf file. Applications must be returned in an envelope to All Saints School (office) or the St. John Vianney Administration Center – to the attention of The All Saints Endowment Board – NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 2022.

The applications will be reviewed by at least a 3-person subset of non-parent members of the All Saints Endowment Board. The recipients of a scholarship will be announced at the Catholic Schools’ Week Mass at St. John Vianney.

If you have any questions or wish to make a donation to any of these scholarships, please call the school or parish office. Donations may also be made on the parish website, under the donations tab.

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The Father Johns Scholarship

The Fr. Johns Scholarship, established in 2007, is a tribute to SJV pastor, Fr. Tom Johns. It assists students attending All Saints with tuition. Each year, the Endowment Board awards three scholarships to current students; one in grades each grade- K-2; 3-5 and 6-8.

Students are nominated to receive scholarships based on how they exhibit the qualities of gentleness, kindness and humility. The nominations may be submitted by anyone except the family of the child. Essays describing the child are reviewed by non-parent Endowment Board members.

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The WILMAR Scholarship

The Wilmar Scholarship was established to recognize the service, contributions and sacrifice that military and other safety forces members make to the locations in which they serve and to their families. A $1,000 scholarship will be awarded annually to a 1st through 8th grade student based on the student having an immediate family member in either the military or police, fire or paramedics/EMS, and through an essay on what it means to have an immediate family member who is in one of these professions. ​Students selected as recipients of the scholarship will be announced at the Catholic Schools Week Mass at St. John Vianney in January.

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The Deimling Family Founders Scholarship

The Deimling Family Founders Scholarship was established to recognize a student of a parent or grandparent (of the student) who has been very instrumental in shaping what the St. John Vianney Parish and/or All Saints School “communities” have become.

The All Saints Endowment Board will review applications and annually award this scholarship. This scholarship is open to All Saints School students who are enrolled in 1st through 7th grade during the current school year. There will be 1, $1,000 recipient and 1, $500 recipient selected for this scholarship.​​

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Jeremiah 29:11 Scholarship

This scholarship shall be awarded to a student who has faced or continues to face adversities within their personal life, with family, friends or peers. This student may be having a difficult year due to physical or mental health issues, family difficulties or social struggles. These life circumstances are likely out of this student’s control and may make obtaining good grades, making and maintaining friendships and behaving and following directives a little more challenging than for the average student. Simply put — What student would benefit from being reminded that God has a plan for them?

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Walk In Faith Scholarship

The Walk in Faith scholarship was established in 2019 to recognize a student who displays a strong commitment to service and volunteering. A student who walks in faith and remembers the words of The Lord Jesus that he himself said, “it is more blessed to give than to receive”. Every act of kindness to others is an act of kindness to Christ. This scholarship is open to All Saints Students who are enrolled in 1st through 7th grade during the ‘21-’22 school year.

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Good Samaritan

The Good Samaritan Scholarship was established in 2020 to recognize a student who exemplifies the characteristics that are embodied by a good Samaritan. Good Samaritans are kind, loving and generous with their time and talents so we are excited to have the opportunity to acknowledge a student who goes above and beyond to help others. This scholarship is open to All Saints students who are enrolled in 5th through 7th grade during the
‘21-’22 school year

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The Dale Brown Scholarship

The Dale Brown Scholarship was established in memory of a founding parent of All Saints School.

Scholarships are awarded based on family need as determined by the FACTS financial review and recommendations of the pastor and principal.

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The Marilyn Kane Scholarship

The Marilyn Kane Scholarship was established in memory of Marilyn Kane, who taught at All Saints School for 23 years and passed away from cancer in 2004. To be sponsored annually by the family of Marilyn Kane, two, $1,000 per year scholarships will be awarded to 1st through 8th grade students based on the compassion and consideration that they’ve shown for those who have battled or are battling an illness. Interested students must complete and submit the application for this scholarship.

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The Miller Family Scholarship

The Miller Family Scholarship was established to assist families with need who demonstrate a commitment to Catholic education and support the parish with their time and talent.

Sr. Veronica Mirage Scholarship

The Sr. Veronica Mirage Scholarship was established to honor Sister for her 30 years of service at All Saints. It will be awarded to a junior high student with a high GPA and good knowledge of their catechism.

Sister Veronica chooses the winner of the scholarship.

The Brittney Gallagher Scholarship

The Brittney Gallagher Scholarship was established in loving memory of Brittney, a graduate of All Saints. It is awarded to a 7th grader who demonstrates Christian values, a dedication to academics, involvement in extracurricular activities, and most importantly is a friend to those who may not have a friend.

The winner is chosen by the Pastor of SJV and Principal of All Saints.

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The Rose Wilson Scholarship

The Rose Wilson Scholarship was established in loving memory of our former teacher and principal. These funds are primarily used for the professional development of the teachers and for teaching materials. It helps the school in staying current and meeting the needs of the 21st learner.

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The Jim Vincent Scholarship

The Jim Vincent Scholarship was established in memory of a CYO coach who assisted with the basketball program at St. John Vianney. This award is given at the end of the school year to a seventh grader. Essays are submitted by all seventh grade students.

The funds are also used to promote multi-cultural learning with the Church in the City partnership school, St. Aloysius. Jim did an excellent job promoting these issues with the boys involved in the One Love program.

The Father Kline Christian Athlete Award

The Father Kline Christian Athlete Award is presented annually to two 8th grade St. John Vianney parishioners or All Saints School students, one boy and one girl, who have participated on a St. John Vianney CYO Sports team during the current school year and who have demonstrated a positive attitude and the Christian values of sportsmanship, teamwork, respect for others and dedication that will bring about a deeper love for Jesus Christ, self and others.

They are selected by their coaches and teachers.

The Greg and Nancy Fitzgerald Scholarship

The Greg and Nancy Fitzgerald Scholarship was established in 2013 as a tribute to our Athletic Directors, Greg and Nancy Fitzgerald, who have done so much for our school! It will be granted at the end of the school year to a student in Grade 3 – Grade 7. The student must be a Christian athlete who demonstrates good character and good sportsmanship.

The scholarship winner is selected by Greg and Nancy.

Fr. Kline Excellence in Education Award

The Endowment Board may nominate and select an All Saints of St. John Vianney staff member to receive this award. The staff member must have worked at All Saints for at least five years, be a model of a Catholic school employee and have made contributions to the school outside the regular work assignment.