Benefits of Religious School

Deciding to send your child to a religious school has many benefits that are not just religious in nature. There are academic, spiritual, social, and emotional advantages that come with attending a religious school environment.

Daily Exposure to Faith

Once a week religion classes won’t match the everyday exposure our children get by attending All Saints. Academics mingle with the teachings of God, which gives our students a unique and strong understanding of their faith. Issues of moral and ethical responsibilities are a facet of everyday life and learning.

Family Type Community

All Saints students have religion as a foundation for relationship building as soon as they walk through our doors. As an extension, our parents oftentimes build treasured friendships amongst each other. Parental involvement in the school is a great way to get to know other families with which you likely have much in common.

Security and Stability

Many types of religion based schools, including All Saints, provide stability. Attending the same school from pre school through 8th grade allows students to feel comfortable and safe in their school environment, enforcing the feeling of not just a school but also a family atmosphere. This type of experience for your child is priceless.