Registration or re-registration is not completed until all registration papers are completed (including online paperwork on Gradelink) and all registration fees are paid. If applicable, registration also is contingent on being current with all payments due for the current school year.

Registration fees are not refundable.

Registrations received as of March 31, 2022 will be used to determine class size and availability. All Saints will hold spaces for a student only after registration paperwork is completed and the registration fee is paid. If there is no open position after registration is completed, a student will be placed on a wait list.

Registration fees are as follows:

  • $200 for the Pre-3 and Pre-4
  • $250 for the Pre-5 students
  • $250 for K-8 students

We came to All Saints for preschool and stayed because it was so wonderful! We appreciate the hard work and love that the teachers give to our boys; it shows their true dedication. We feel blessed to have our boys here, even though we do make big sacrifices to do so.”

Allison S.- current parent

Grades K-8

Below is a table of school tuition for Grades K through 8.  Subsidies will vary by parish.  The table below is based on the subsidy provided to  St. John Vianney parishioners.

Subsidies from St. John Vianney parish are available for those parents/legal guardians who have been registered members of St. John Vianney parish for at least one year prior to admission of their child to All Saints, and who have been active participants in the life of the parish and the school. Examples of active participation include attending weekly Mass at the parish, active sacramental life, sharing time, talent or treasure with the parish and school; helping at the parish festival, lecturing, ushering or other ministry at the parish (e.g., music); helping with vacation bible school. More options are available by reviewing the parish bulletin or calling the parish.

For those who are eligible, St. John Vianney: (a) may provide a $1,100 subsidy/child and (b) may provide a subsidy through financial assistance to those with multiple children in Grades K-8 at All Saints. The financial assistance may be in the form of a subsidy, financial aid or scholarship.

# of children K-8 Tuition $1,100 SJV Subisdy Add’l Multi-Child Subsidy Net Tuition
1 $4,950 $1,100 $3,850
2 $9,900 $2,200 $495 $7,205
3 $14,850 $3,300 $990 $10,560
4 $19,800 $4,400 $1,485 $13,915

Subsidies/support from other parishes that have families attending All Saints may be available. We encourage families to work with their home parishes to determine what financial assistance may be available.

Preschool Tuition Rates

Options Cost
Pre5- Full day/5 days a week $4,250
Pre5- Half day/5 days a week $2,750
Pre4- Full day/3 days a week $2,700
Pre4- Half day/3 days a week $1,700
Pre3- Half day/2 days a week $1,400